PR Plus prides itself in our complete dedication to our clients. One of the ways we serve our clients is through our unmatched special events.

Special Events in Public Relations

PR events start out with a lot of planning and preparation, which starts months before the event itself. We start out with our clients having a thorough meeting about possible content and strategy, including how the event will flow, guest lists, treating the VIP guests, the E-vite, and down to every detail, such as the placement of the red carpet. We also handle things like hiring photographers and anyone else we decide will be working the event.

Ricardo Laguna

The events can be any size or scale imaginable. That said, it’s really up to you, and we work with you on every detail. It’ll be all hands on deck, every staff member at PR Plus doing all they can on each public relations events campaign.

Here are some of the things we do:

  • Hiring performers, staff, everyone else.
  • Handling RSVP, invites, and VIP guests
  • Customer service communication
  • Coordinating every. Little. Detail.

PR Events, the PR Plus Way

Often times, people forget about the details. For example, traffic. All the cars pulling up to your event at once can cause a bit of chaos, but at PR Plus, we think beyond the event itself and consider every possible outcome. Where do they park? Where do they check in? We’re the Las Vegas public relations team that goes the extra mile, so leave the PR event to PR Plus.