community relations las vegas

There is a definitive difference between community relations and public relations, despite some misconceptions. However, there is a strong relationship with the two. In fact, community relations is considered a larger portion of public relations. A PR firm relies on the relationship of the public—that also means the local authorities within a community. That’s where a community relations specialist comes in.

What Is Community Relations?

A PR firm and the client they work with are part of the community. By playing a role in the community, they can make a name for themselves as a devoted community member. Doing so strengthens the relationship between the brand and the public.

Good community relations is a major aspect of public relations. If the PR firm is a full-service firm, they will assist you in event planning and execution, speech writing, grassroots campaigns and other aspects of community branding and media.

Here are some examples of community relations:

  • Media relations
  • Sponsorship
  • Involvement in community groups
  • Special community events
  • Community influencing
  • Promotional partnering
  • Community outreach programs

The goals of these tactics are to develop a relationship with the community, become a trusted voice, and publicize the brand, being the most positive influence as we possible can be.

What can community relations do for you?

The first thing a client should know is what is happening in their world. We can think of many ways someone would want to hire a public relations team for their community connections. The PR firm’s knowledge of community relations programs combined with the client’s knowledge of their community can really take the brand far.

Whether you’re launching a new product or service, need branding for your product or service, there may be a nationwide story to capitalize on. When we take on the responsibility of being the voice of a community citizen, we take an interest in the community itself, as well as gaining benefits of community support.

Let PR Plus Be a Part of Your Community

PR Plus’s reputation in the community goes back a long way. If you would like to strengthen the relations with your community and audience through marketing and public relations, call the Las Vegas public relations specialists with the time and experience under their belt.