Could you imagine promoting something without an image? Without anybody ever seeing what you are promoting, would they latch on? The answer is probably not, but it’s not something people think about when looking at an ad, a press release, or watching a commercial.

With most things that go unnoticed or understated, there is a PR agency running a photo shoot coordination effort that will connect with an audience.

Video and Photo Shoot Coordination

The importance of imagery in promotions, press, and just public relations in general is based on one simple fact: Humans are visual creatures. We learn visually, we become viscerally intrigued when something is visually aesthetic and, as a prominent public relations firm, we understand the significance of that.

One of the ways PR Plus goes above and beyond is our work behind the camera, organizing photo and video shoots. To us, planning a video or photo shoot is vital if you want a professional looking campaign. Just leave it to us!

What’s there to plan?

It may seem like a no-brainer, but in video shoots especially, there are a lot of unknowns. During a photo shoot, a lot can happen in the small allotted amount of time. That’s why planning is incredibly important. When it comes to planning, you can’t get any better than a public relations firm with almost 30 years of experience.

We’re a very flexible public relations firm, which is absolutely vital in  shot list coordination. Photo and video shoots can sometimes take up your whole day just on their own. Look for a PR company who has the time to work with you and properly plan your photo shoot to be efficient.

With your campaign, what is your need for images or video?

  •       Press photos
  •       B-roll
  •       Print ads
  •       Social Media
  •       Billboards
  •       General marketing
  •       Commercials
  •       Special events

If so, a PR firm with experience in photo shoot coordination is what you need.

Public Relations Coordination with PR Plus

The staff here at PR Plus is a multi-talented and experienced group of individuals who will help coordinate your video and photo shoots.