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Traditional marketing and public relations often cross paths. A marketing firm will write a blog, article, or an outreach email to market to them, give them information about a service. Copywriting services differ a bit, in that copywriting is all about communicating thoroughly and persuading someone through trust and relationship building, to purchase a product or invest in a brand.

What Are Copywriting Services?

Ad copy is another word of copywriting, or at least was when Mad Men took place. Long since Don Draper had his say in the matter, copywriting and marketing have somewhat meshed in certain aspects to become a powerful force of advertising and public relations.

How it’s done, the PR Plus way!

Having been around for over 25 years, PR Plus has picked up a few tricks. Our PR firm has perfected the art of copywriting though various measures:

  • Attention grabbing headlines!
  • Making products beneficial for our target audience
  • Clever, creative, and witty content pieces
  • Positive public attention
  • Most importantly, building trust, while spreading brand awareness

The biggest difference between public relations copywriting and content marketing is that we have a goal in mind that we are set on achieving. When it comes to copywriting, we aren’t limited to just one medium.

Our Writing Services Include:

  • Written ads
  • Sales pages
  • Paper mail
  • Emails
  • Anything involving words and a little bit of PR charm

The mediums in which we shout our brand does not limit our reach because we’ve got the skills to make a difference.

Our PR Plus Copywriting Team

Copywriting is only as good as the people who write it. That’s why every new piece written by one of our talented copywriters is done even better than the last. Our quality content pieces aren’t just ad pages you’ll find in the Yellow Pages, but rather an individual proclamation to how much we believe in a brand, spoken with true passion and gusto!

Our Las Vegas public relations team fully believes and practices this with every piece of copywriting we work on. Contact PR Plus for more information!