Our public relations agency employs a lot of different tactics into growing your brand’s publicity. After all, your relationship with your community is vital—we must show that you are a force to be reckoned with inside your industry! That’s where our advertorial and editorial services come in.

What Is an Editorial?

When we work on the editorial side, we’re not pulling out money for an ad—the piece is coming from an interview with the client, or perhaps from the press release we created. The editorial is reflecting a point of view on what you’re doing and why it’s essential. You will find editorial pieces written in a magazine, a newspaper, and even on a website.

Experts write the editorial. That’s the message conveyed, a written piece merely stating the facts about the company, product or event. It, like much of what we do in the PR campaign, is informative and educational.

The difference between advertorial and editorial

Everything we’ve mentioned about an editorial can be compared to advertorials, which are largely the same regarding the base of the content. The differences are that advertorials are written by us and are a form of advertising, thus cost money.

If you decide to pay for an ad, written as a sponsored article in a publication, it’s an advertorial.

Simply put, an editorial + advertisement = advertorial.

Advertorial writing works when your message is so specific, and you want it to appear a certain way – you have full control over the message. In any case, editorial and advertorial services, are great opportunities to educate the public about your product or brand while potentially increasing new customers.

Editorial Services with PR Plus

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