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As a Las Vegas PR agency, it is our job to provide and cater to an ongoing relationship between the product and consumers. If the product doesn’t change, how do we keep it in the minds of the consumer? They could just move on and discover something else that peaks their fancy for long enough until the next thing rolls around—but why is that not the case? One of the ongoing goals within any given campaign is PR promotions.

What Are Promotions in Public Relations?

A promotional campaign is a strategic effort to continue client revenue through marketing and advertising efforts. It involves doing a lot of market research, understanding our client’s audience, having something to offer, and creating a need for said offer.

Identifying an audience is all about discovering their likes, dislikes, wants, needs, and expectations. It’s advantageous to learn as much about the audience as possible—that is what makes promoting something possible.

We should say the goal of promoting something is to send a message, testifying the value of what we’re offering. To send a message and planning for a specific outcome and then achieving that outcome.

Types of promotions

The idea of promotions is that it encompasses a bit of marketing and advertising, although they are separate concepts. The difference between promotions and advertising is the same difference between public relations and marketing: public relations, along with promotions, is all about spreading awareness, using our voices to “brag” about a brand or service. Marketing and advertising often times involve a paid network to gather attention.

While advertising can be effectively utilized in a promotion, a promotion is generally a cost-effective solution to boost sales in the short term, but highly effective manner. Here are some examples of promotional efforts we offer:

Las Vegas PR Promotions

PR Plus is dedicated to promoting, advertising, and marketing your name wherever we see an opportunity to do so. That’s our strive to be the best Las Vegas PR firm out here.