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PR isn’t just advertising our clients. It’s about building trust with their target audience and improving public perception. A good public relations campaign involves a lot of creativity and relationship building. Simply purchasing ad space won’t do that for you.

As defined by the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), “Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.” We believe PR is all about building a powerful and meaningful relationship between a brand and its consumers. A transparent relationship of complete trust and understanding. It’s a tried and true process in the best interest of everyone.

PR That Builds Relationships

PR Plus not only believes fully in the power of PR strategies, but we believe in going the extra mile. Instead of just getting your name out there through paid media relations, we’ll build a reputation for your brand that no one could ignore. We’ll tackle your PR campaign with the fiery passion of a Las Vegas summer heat wave. Quite simply, to us, that is public relations.

What we do is maintain your public persona through various strategies of earned and paid media. What that means is we do what it takes. Through means of traditional marketing, community relations, promotions, special events, copy writing, press materials, general campaign marketing assistance, speech writing, editorial writing, advertising/marketing consulting, social media and even the coordination of photo and video shoots.

If we could think of doing anything beyond those marketing tasks, we will. Our public relations professionals stay up to date with all the PR developments and news, so we’re on the forefront of knowledge and expertise.

PR Plus

That’s where the “Plus” in “PR Plus” comes from. We’re not just a PR firm, even if PR is great on its own. We’re the leading authority in Las Vegas public relations, having worked with a number of high-caliber clients who have stuck around with us since 1991. Contact our PR professionals today!